1: 1. Ashley Underwood is Larry David's wife. 2. She is a former combat medic in the military. 3. Underwood is also a successful entrepreneur.

2: 1. Underwood and David met on a blind date. 2. She is a sports enthusiast and loves hiking. 3. Underwood is known for her philanthropic work.

3: 1. She has a passion for cooking and is a food blogger. 2. Underwood and David have been married since 2015. 3. She enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures.

4: 1. Underwood is a devoted mother to her children. 2. She values family time and traditions. 3. Underwood is an advocate for mental health awareness.

5: 1. She has a strong presence on social media. 2. Underwood is an animal lover and has pets. 3. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves dressing up.

6: 1. Underwood is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out. 2. She is a nature lover and enjoys outdoor activities. 3. Underwood is a role model for young women.

7: 1. She is an author and has written a cookbook. 2. Underwood is a public speaker and advocates for women's rights. 3. She is a supporter of various charitable causes.

8: 1. Underwood is a film buff and enjoys watching movies. 2. She is a talented artist and enjoys painting. 3. Underwood is a creative writer and has published articles.

9: 1. She is a mentor to women in business. 2. Underwood is a fitness instructor and leads workout classes. 3. She is a positive force in Larry David's life.