1: Sink your teeth into spooky Bloody Maria cocktails with syringe shots for a chilling twist.

2: Give your guests goosebumps with creepy spider deviled eggs topped with olive spiders.

3: Serve up a side of eerie graveyard pudding cups with gummy worm dirt and tombstones.

4: Rattle their bones with bone-chilling chicken wing "fingers" coated in bloody BBQ sauce.

5: Delight in eerie eyeball cake pops with edible bloodshot veins and terrifying stares.

6: Haunt your guests with ghostly meringue cookies floating in a sea of black raspberry sauce.

7: Treat them to a bubbling cauldron of witch's brew punch with dry ice fog effects.

8: Leave them howling at the moon with werewolf pretzel finger snacks dipped in almond "nails."

9: Wrap up the night with wickedly good caramel apple slices disguised as candy corn treats.