1: Discover America's 5 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods. From NYC's Tribeca to LA's Beverly Hills, these areas boast luxury living at a premium.

2: Tribeca, New York tops the list with multimillion-dollar lofts and celebrity residents. Explore this upscale neighbourhood's chic boutiques and fine dining.

3: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is known for its lavish estates and famous Rodeo Drive shopping. Experience the glamour and luxury of this affluent area.

4: The Hamptons, New York offers seaside mansions and exclusive beach clubs. Escape to this summer retreat for a taste of East Coast opulence.

5: Aspen, Colorado is a winter wonderland for the wealthy. Ski in style at this luxury mountain resort frequented by celebrities and high society.

6: Southampton, New York boasts historic mansions and pristine beaches. Relax in luxury at this posh summer destination for the elite.

7: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles is home to sprawling estates and lush gardens. Explore this exclusive neighbourhood for a taste of Old Hollywood glamour.

8: Palm Beach, Florida is a playground for the rich and famous. Enjoy luxury shopping, gourmet dining, and pristine beaches in this upscale enclave.

9: Greenwich, Connecticut offers upscale estates and upscale living. Discover this affluent suburb's charm and sophistication just a short drive from NYC.