1: Discover 15Min's top Mediterranean diet food pairings for busy moms and picky kids!

2: Boost nutrition with avocado and tomato, a delicious combo for a healthy meal.

3: Try whole grain pasta with grilled vegetables for a wholesome and satisfying dish.

4: Mix chickpeas and turmeric for a nutrient-packed powerhouse snack or meal.

5: Pair Greek yogurt with berries for a tasty and protein-rich treat for all.

6: Savor salmon and lemon for a flavorful and omega-3 filled family dinner.

7: Combine nuts and dark chocolate for a satisfying and nutrient-dense dessert option.

8: Create a Mediterranean-inspired hummus and vegetable platter for easy snacking.

9: Enjoy olive oil and balsamic vinegar on salads for a simple and healthy dressing choice.