1: Introduction Discover the top 10 Canadian coins that shattered auction records. These rare pieces are a must-see for any coin collector.

2: 1911 Silver Dollar Witness the historic sale of the 1911 Silver Dollar, fetching a record-breaking price at auction. A true Canadian treasure.

3: 1921 50 Cents Explore the story behind the 1921 50 Cents coin, a rare piece that fetched an unbelievable price at auction.

4: 1948 Silver Dollar Uncover the mystery of the 1948 Silver Dollar, a coin that made history with its staggering auction record.

5: 1936 Dot Cent Delve into the world of the 1936 Dot Cent, a rare Canadian coin that captured the attention of collectors worldwide.

6: 1935 Silver Dollar Experience the thrill of the 1935 Silver Dollar auction, where this precious coin shattered records like never before.

7: 1921 5 Cents Learn about the incredible journey of the 1921 5 Cents coin as it set a new auction record in the world of numismatics.

8: 1911 10 Cents Discover the fascinating tale of the 1911 10 Cents coin, a rare gem that broke auction records with its extraordinary value.

9: 1875 50 Cents Witness the excitement of the 1875 50 Cents coin auction, where this historic piece achieved an unbelievable price.