1: The Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarter is the 1916, worth over 100 million USD.

2: Only one of its kind known to exist, making it highly coveted by collectors worldwide.

3: Designed by Hermon MacNeil, the coin features Lady Liberty in a flowing gown.

4: Its intricate design and rarity make it a prized possession in numismatic history.

5: The coin's high value is attributed to its unique features and historical significance.

6: In 2016, it set a new world record for the highest price ever paid for a coin.

7: Despite its small size, this quarter holds immense value in the world of coin collecting.

8: Collectors dream of owning this piece of history, but only a fortunate few ever will.

9: With a value surpassing 100 million USD, the Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarter is truly a numismatic treasure.